You know what they say about idle hands.


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     Price: 20,000 THB                                             



Building your own table doesn't mean you have to go start whittling your own foosmen. We will give you the parts and foosball expertise to ensure your project's success! If you have the skills, you could craft a table from some fine Thai hardwood. Or just plywood...up to you.


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  • All the parts from a ITSF Fireball Tournament table. Double heat treated, hard anodized rods. ABS foosmen, secured to the rod with a roll pin. Fireball's amazing bearings and bumpers. And eight foosballs, too!
  • Predrilled playfield sidewalls. These are made from Formica bonded to grade A 3/4 inch plywood at the factory. Since the holes are already drilled, you can use the sidewalls as a template to cut the holes in the cabinet walls.
  • Pre-cut goal walls. We will send you the goal walls, which are resin impregnated "superboard" bonded to plywood.
  • Playfield. The playfield is a 10mm piece of "superboard" bonded to a piece of 3/4" plywood with Formica on both sides. This is a well engineered playfield, and it looks sharp, too. With "SUPERSTAR" logo and competition markings.
  • Table feet. Yes, we will include a set of Fireball feet for your table.