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We now have two models of Fireball foosball tables in stock. The Superstar model sells for 29,000 THB. This table is built like a tank with grade A plywood, Formica brand HPL, phenolic resin board, and steel legs. NO MDF OR FIBERBOARD. Mdf and fiberboard fall apart in a humid country like Thailand. These are the only tables built this way. Hardwood top and rails! Table weighs 100KG fully assembled and will last several lifetimes. **Legs are heavy grade steel with oversized bolts**.


 The Fireball parts are the best in the world. Here's why.


  --Rods are hollow high manganese tubular steel. They are double heat treated, machine trued, and have an attractive super slick anodized finish.


  --The Foosmen figures are made from high grade ABS resin. Unlike other manufacturers, the Fireball figures will never break. If yours break (they won't) we will replace them for free. Attached with roll pin, not screws.


  --Fireball bearings are oversized. They allow the rods to be installed fully assembled. Any other table needs fairly difficult rod assembly. Oversized bearings are also much stronger and will not break.


  --Handles are comfortable hard rubber. Easy to grip with sweaty hands. Waaaay better than slick plastic.


 --Your table comes with 12 ITSF (professional grade foosballs) of 3 different types, high control, high speed, and balanced.
Picture below is the FIREBALL SUPERSTAR table. Price is 29,000 


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 We also stock the Fireball Classic table. Cost: 23,000 THB. This table is built exactly the same as the Superstar, but with an elegant pure green playfield. The lack of markings enhances play...the ball is easier to see. It is a very classy table.

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